Based in New Zealand freelance artist working in game development and creative industry for around 10 years.
Specialized in, but not limited to, fictional user interfaces (FUI), motion graphics, hard surface models and concept art for games, commercials and movies.

If you have any questions or offers, feel free to contact me.



“Evgeny has a speed and lighting-render quality in his digital-paintings that I have relied on as part of our workflow for creating vertical-slice rapid-prototypes.
He is exceptional at creating key-concepts that push forward the vision and what is fun about video-games, keeping exceptional awareness of target audience and device displays.”
Don Meadows – Senior Design Manager at LEGO Group.


“Evgeny – fastest artist I’ve ever known. And his amazing speed not affect quality of his work.”
Kirill Korneev – Art Lead at GameForest.


“I worked with Evgeny on numerous projects at different stages of development. No matter the task or challenge, he has an uncanny ability to quickly get to the essence of what is needed.
Identifying exactly what is needed of the artwork in relation to platform, target audience and technology, with a speed and precision I have not experienced from any other artist.”
Nikolaj Wendt – Game Designer at Grinding Gear Games.