Freelance FUI and Motion Graphics Designer

My name is Evgeny Rodygin and I specialize in UI design and motion graphics for games, films and TV shows. It took me over 10 years of prior experience doing various UI and UX for web, apps and mobile games to identify my passion for FUI and allow me today to truly focus only on the thing I love. I combined the latest cutting edge 3D techniques with the old-school visual design principles to push the visuals for my clients. Today I can be proud of my creations to appear in Marvel movies, Netflix shows, AAA games and various interactive media. IMDB link.

Currently based in Wellington, New Zealand and available worldwide.


Some of the studios I’ve had a chance to work with:

• Netflix
• Blur
• Territory Studio
• Marvel
• Perception
• Parallax
• PsyOp
• Shapes + Forms
• Sony
• Microsoft
• Nvidia