Freelance FUI and Motion Graphics Designer

My name is Evgeny Rodygin, and I specialize in UI/FUI design and motion graphics for video games, feature films, and TV. It took me over 10 years of prior experience in a range of creative roles to discover my passion for FUI. This allowed me to focus on what I truly love. I combine the latest cutting-edge 3D techniques with old-school visual design principles to enhance the visuals for my clients. Today, I am proud to have my creations featured in Marvel movies, Netflix shows, AAA games, and various interactive media. IMDB link.

Currently, I am based in Wellington, New Zealand, and available worldwide.


Some of the studios I’ve had the privilege to work with:

• Netflix
• Blur
• Territory Studio
• Marvel
• Perception
• Parallax
• PsyOp
• Shapes + Forms
• Sony
• Microsoft
• Nvidia