Cloud Scanner – UI/Device Design and Animation

Category 3D, UI, FUI, Motion
Tools Photoshop, Illustrator, Fusion 360, After Effects
Date September 2017

After a short break, in a process of experimenting, deeper learning After Effects and exploring ideas for the next work, I have created this futuristic device – Cloud Scanner.
I wanted to design something simple but at the same time equipped with two-screen interface. It may seems like the device is a bit too small in my hand, but in fact, my 5 inch phone looks even smaller!
I used Fusion 360 along with Illustrator to create a model, in After Effects I connected the final render and a screen interface I created in Photoshop. And yeah, in the process of work on Cloud Scanner I had an idea to combine a video with 3D animation in one of my next works, but I simply don’t know yet how I can manage that 🙂

Thank you for the epic soundtrack to Atside.

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