Flight Controller – Sci-fi device and FUI concept

Category 3D, UI, FUI, Motion
Tools Illustrator, Fusion 360, Cinema 4D, After Effects
Date January 2018

My first personal work I have done in 2018. Flight Controller – is a futuristic fictional remote controlling device for a military drone, containing two parts – main block with a smaller screen and buttons, and a bigger part with a large screen showing extended data.
This time I made it for practicing in Cinema 4D, learning Redshift render and animation. The UI has been made in Illustrator, the shape of the controller I made using Fusion 360. For my previous works I used Keyshot as a render engine, but this time I wanted to compose an animation from After Effects with a 3D model and the best option I found was Cinema 4D and Redshift plugin.
I hope you enjoyed the soundtrack from Atside!

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